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Palmetto Joggling Board Company

The legend of the Joggling Board

According to the stories around the Charleston area, the joggling board has many different tales; some being romantic and some giving an 'aha' moment. The joggling board has been an old Low Country tradition since the early 1800's. During the times when young men and women were 'courting' the showing of any public display of affection was strictly hush-hush. Typically, whenever a young man and lady were courting, they would sit on opposite sides of the joggling board. As they bounced and rocked on the joggling board, the two would eventually meet in the middle. The ending was always happy, and the couple would live the rest of their lives together. It had also been said, according to legend, that there was never an unmarried daughter at the home that had a joggling board.


Pictured above is a 16' Joggling Board

Let the Palmetto Joggling Board Company build one for you today! We specialize in 4 different sizes ranging from a 10' (bench-type) joggler to the larger 16' plantation style joggler. Each joggling board is painted Charleston Green. To order, just highlight the length and then click the Add to Cart button. You will be redirected to Paypal's website, where we accept credit cards. For lengths not listed, please feel free to email us for a price quote and other options.

10' Joggler $450

12' Joggler $500

14' Joggler $550

16' Joggler $595

All joggling boards are shipped via freight and the cost is determined by location and weight. Placing the order does not include the shipping. After the initial order is received, an email will be sent with a shipping quote. This is due to freight companies having inconsistent prices from diesel expenses. Sorry for the inconvenience. Residents of the Tri-County area, note a delivery fee of no more than $50 is added.

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